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VIV (vēv) {revive} / ÂMEE (áh/mā) {soul}

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VIVÂMEE Hospitality is a vertically integrated management company, investment group, and value-add land developer. Our specialty is the redevelopment of high-yield distressed hospitality assets.  

We are uniquely qualified to revive both the "soul" of the physical property and more importantly the "soul" of the hospitality culture delivered to the souls of our guests and team. The economic benefits of the VIVÂMEE form of authentic hospitality can be exponential for hospitality asset owners. Today’s guest is yearning for this type of “soul service,” and we believe our VIVÂMEE culture will provide tremendous dividends for years to come.





Many refer to our industry as "The Hotel Business" or the "Hotel Industry." At VIVÂMEE, we reject that limiting property-centric presupposition. We choose to be leaders in the Hospitality Industry.

Our industry is not just operating hotels; its purpose is to deliver authentic hospitality which is an intimately human service. We believe cherishing the souls of our guests and the team we trust to serve them is the key to achieving authentic hospitality. 



Our experience has revealed that guests want to know they are loved, they want to know it is our pleasure to serve, and they want to know that we see their unique and infinite dignity as persons.

Our team is led by, Joshua McCallen, who is a nationally recognized hospitality executive, conference speaker, innovator, builder & investor with a track record for development of exceptional resort properties and growing world-class operational teams.             

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Learn More about our principal's 20+ years of proven results. 

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VIV (vev), representing the French word raviver meaning revive. 

ÂMEE (áh/ma), representing the French word for soul, âme. 

Our name is the answer to our question; why. Why were we created? 

VIVÂMEE was created to deliver authentic hospitality. We believe that giving of ourselves in service has the power to revive the soul. Authentic hospitality is possible when we cherish the souls of our guests and the team we trust to serve them. Accordingly, as developers, we have a passion for reviving the soul of distressed properties as well. VIVÂMEE seeks to bring these assets back to a fullness of life and a fullness of profitability.

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Our team is tenaciously focused on delivering results to our asset owners. We have the versatility to manage hospitality assets as well as various complimentary business units.


The most shocking truth in our industry, which is made up of some of the most beautiful buildings in the world, is that the physical property of a hotel is only about 50% of what determines the satisfaction of guest experience. VIVÂMEE will always stand above competition because we invest in the team and empower them to live with purpose. By living with purpose, our team is able to achieve an extraordinary level of personal satisfaction, allowing for a more significant human connection with guests.


The natural consequence of the VIVÂMEE culture is extraordinary guest loyalty. The economics of the hospitality asset begin to compound as guests seek more interaction with this unique level of "soul service." It is the compounding effect of this level of guest retention and the natural demand for more purchases while on property that will separate VIVÂMEE from all other hospitality management companies.


To find out how VIVÂMEE can solve your need for dynamic hospitality management, please contact us below for a personal introductory assessment.


Our VIVÂMEE culture is based on the soul, and we believe every building also has a "soul" that wants to be revived. Our development team brings an extraordinary passion for restoring the physical properties of our asset owners. We seek to preserve the history, the authenticity and the original intent of the buildings. We balance ambiance with the operations and the flow of the property to exceed the desires of today's guest. The result is dynamic.

VIVÂMEE seeks to form lasting win-win relationships with asset owners. In many cases, VIVÂMEE will join the asset owner to invest capital in the projects it leads. The most critical factor for the VIVÂMEE Team is forming relationships built on integrity and compatibility that will last.


We welcome accredited investors to consider investing side-by-side with VIVÂMEE as we acquire some of the most compelling distressed hospitality assets on the market today.  

Our investment philosophy is built on the following three criteria:

  • Equity Day 1: Will our purchase secure us a positive equity position from day 1? What is the spread between the replacement value and purchase price? Will the as-repaired-value appraise for significantly more than our total project cost?  

  • Moat/Barrier to Entry: Will the property pass the Warren Buffet “moat test”? Are their extraordinary development entitlements? Does the property have historical significance? Is it unrepeatable?

  • Exponential Potential: Will the VIVÂMEE redevelopment plan lead to at least 300% to 1000% Revenue Growth? Will our investment partner relationship be a high-integrity win-win?


We seek to serve our guests and our investors in the same spirit of authentic care. We look forward to learning about your personal philosophy to see if we are a good fit for you and your family.  



VIVÂMEE Hospitality was selected by Accountable Equity to provide hotel management services for the historic Renault Winery Resort & Golf.

This project includes the establishment of the regions’ newest premier destination wedding venue which will be able to cater to the most discerning bride as well as the most fun-loving bridal party. In addition to the multiple wedding venues, we will redevelop the hotel, the winery, and the golf course to a new standard of French vineyard comfort and style.


Every detail of the 155-year-old landmark property will be revived to bring back its classic elegance. Having the opportunity to restore a piece of history and contribute to the development of our community will be one of our greatest accomplishments.


Principal of VIVÂMEE Hospitality, Josh McCallen, said, “The Renault Winery Resort investment is a rare opportunity that only presents itself once in a lifetime. As a bank owned property, Renault represents four operational, but severely distressed assets; Hotel, Restaurant, Winery, and Golf Course. The VIVÂMEE team is excited to have the opportunity to revive the soul of this 154-year-old national treasure.”


If you have an interest in learning more about the Renault Winery Resort investment, please visit Accountable Equity

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VIVÂMEE Hospitality is a team of passionate servant leaders. We see strength in humility and service. We seek the good for our guests and each other. Do you love hospitality and want to deliver the most authentic form of this ancient tradition possible? If yes, then VIVÂMEE may be precisely what you are seeking. 


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